An unexpected gift from the ocean interrupts Helen and Roger’s day at the beach, threatening their measured lives and hurling them down a rabbit hole of self­ discovery. “The Crack” explores the pivotal shift in the lives of Helen and Roger, two extremely ordinary citizens, who have taken a day to themselves at the beach. Content to soak in the sun and natural beauty, the ocean delivers an unexpected invitation to a world and life beyond the edge of their known reality.

The Crack was a very experimental undertaking.  Reel 9 created a subset, a film/comedy duo, called Unimaginary Friend. The idea was to do everything ourselves and see how far we could go. Write, act, direct, produce, edit, and by doing so, challenge the idea of what film making is and can be. Do we need a huge budget, crew, and lots of actors? In a perfect world, yes. But what if that isn’t available? With what we have now, is it possible to do something of quality and substance that people would be interested in watching? Our objective was mainly to do off­beat, subtle, bizarre comedy. The Crack was produced under this umbrella.

We created something out of nothing. Literally. We had a very unique musical team create a completely original score which beautifully complements the absurdity and depth.  If you choose to watch this piece searching for hidden meaning, you will find it. If you choose to skim the surface and embrace the strange actions and childish humor, you will be satisfied as well.