This reel contains a small sampling of some of the projects I’ve edited over the years including:

  1. Yes, And I Do – Short Film (Producer, Editor)
  2. Larry King Now– Series (Editor)
  3. Las Fotos Project- Event Documentary (DP, Editor)
  4. Meet the Winklesteins– Short Film (DP, Editor)
  5. Ponies! Live on Broadway– Original Series (Episode & Promo Editor)
  6. Edith & Harvey– Feature Narrative Film (Editor)
  7. Jay Dates– Short Film (Promo Editor)
  8. Dine Wine & Shine– Promo Video (DP, Editor)
  9. The Warden’s Message– Promo Video (Producer, Editor)
  10. Vandalismo– Stop Motion Short Film (Creator, Editor)
  11. Total Trip Domination – Original Series (Creator, Editor)